Capital Governorate aims to bring the public and private sectors together to improve sustainable development by creating several projects & initiatives

  • Manama Health City

    Manama Health City


  • Manama Week for Leadership and Enabling the Youth

    Manama Week for Leadership and Enabling the Youth

    Under the auspices of H.E Sheikh Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, Governor of Capital Governorate, the Governorate has launched the event of "Manama Week for Leadership and Enabling Youth".

  • The Capital Weekend Program

    The Capital Weekend Program

    The Capital Governorate has completed its second version of youth program "Capital Weekend", and the program included a number of entertaining, sport and educational events.

  • Random Buildings

    Random Buildings

    The fieldwork team concerned with counting random houses has by the end of 2016 accomplished its assignment of rectifying and removing violations from 894 random buildings out of 1030 that have been previously counted at the Governorate, i.e. 86.7[%] of the gross total. The committee has managed to effect changes to such buildings to ensure they have the standards and measures that must be available in any appropriate residence, while work is in progress in 136 random houses.

  • Street Vendors

    Street Vendors

    The Capital Governorate continued its efforts last year to track the violating laborers and applying the rules and regulations, in addition to taking necessary legal measures in this regard. This was done through coordination and cooperation between the concerned authorities that aim to address such negative phenomena which are connected to the free labor in order to eliminate such practice due to its impact on the public health and the civilized aspects of the country. These workers perform some works and practices that are extraneous to the Bahrain’s community.