Childhood Development & Protection Services

It is this early period of human life in which the individual relies completely on their parents to be alive, during which this little individual learns and exercises for the next period that is not important in itself, but rather it is a bridge over which the child crosses to the physiological, mental, psychological, social, moral and spiritual maturity during which human life is formed as a social being.

Childhood Development & Protection Services

Children and Youth Clubs - Capital Governorat

Child Welfare Home
 17103295 - 17101873

Children and Youth Club in Sitra Social Development Center
 17102303 - instagram: @child_youthclubs

Children and Youth Club in Jid Haffs Social Development Center
 17102338 - instagram: @child_youthclubs

Child & Youth Club in Manama Social Development Center
 17102341 - instagram: @child_youthclubs

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