The Capital Governorate has developed an integrated strategic plan in order to transform the services it provides to citizens and residents into E-services. The main objectives include the following:

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1- Providing E-services to citizens and residents
2- Increasing communication with the people through the official online channels of the Capital Governorate
3- Raising capabilities and empowering and developing HR in the field of ICT
4- Exploiting latest technology of digitization.
This strategy plan is in line with Bahrain National Vision 2030, the E-government strategy and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

As part of the Governorate’s efforts to provide E-services to the Citizens, Capital Governorate has developed an integrated plan to develop the website and “My Capital” application for smart phones.

The application aims to enhance the process of communication with the public, by digitizing the process of communication with the Citizens of the Governorate, as the application allows those who are within the geographical surroundings of the Capital to submit proposals, suggestions, and complaints, ensuring quick response and coordinating or communication with the relevant authorities if its required. 

Despite the pandemic, the Governorate continued its work by receiving suggestions and complaints from citizens and residents, as it received 1,366 complaints and requests, represented by 37% social complaints, 52% service complaints, and 11% security complaints. 

The governorate has also developed Avaya IP Phone to keep pace with the latest technologies in the field of communication.  IP phones has the ability to transfer calls on mobile devices, save voice mail and use video calling.