The Capital Governorate Volunteering Pass

Following the inauguration of the Capital Governorate Volunteering Passport on February 19th 2018, the program has gained a large interest from both private and governmental sectors> Capital Governorate engaged the volunteers with many programs, such as training and capacity building trainings workshops, community service programs, organizing events, and many other volunteering opportunities with other agencies. 

The program is promising to raising a wide awareness of the 17 UN SDGs, and is supported by several official UN agencies, and this program, gave the participants to attend a workshop by UN for Volunteers for the first time, since they don’t have any representations in Bahrain. 

All the volunteers will gain skills, and experience.  Volunteers will have a points system as measurement of active participation, the more they participate, the better chances to worm Capital Governorate medal for best Volunteer. To achieve the passport, volunteers will need to attend at least 1 session about Volunteering Principles and concepts. 

Engaging our volunteers in planting gardens, beaches clean-ups, and beatifying the capital Governorate.  

What Are the Goals of the Pass?

•          Promote volunteerism for citizens and residents of the Capital Governorate.

•          Enhance the engagement and create a link between the Capital Governorate projects and volunteers.

•          Creating a database of trained volunteers that can efficiently be deployed to support events around the Kingdom.

•          Set up a practical link between volunteers and organization.

•          Establish best practice processes for programs to be applied across all future events.


Why I should Get A Volunteering Pass? 

•          Increases awareness and knowledge about ourselves and others.

•          Provides active learning and inclusive involvement.

•          Maximizes on training opportunities.

•          Supports future volunteering, work or training and education opportunities.

•          Accredits the skills and competences developed through volunteering.

•          Leads to career opportunities.


Who Can Sign Up?

•          Individuals

•          Bahraini nationals

•          Bahraini residents 

•          Age 15 years old and older

•          Organizations

•          Registered companies and enterprises

•          NGOs

•          Schools and universities


•          Pass Awards

1.        Volunteering Pioneer - Individual with the most volunteering hours 29 years and above.

2.        Youth Volunteering - Individuals age 15 to 29

3.        Education Volunteering - Public and Private Schools and Universities

4.        Corporates Volunteering - Corporations in the Private Sector

5.        NGO Volunteering - Community Partners

6.        “My Capital” Application Users - Individual who actively uses the Capital Governorate mobile application.

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