The Capital Governorate has many major effective communication channels which are targeted to the people

Capital Governorate

Pursuant to its vision to be a “Leading and distinct in serving the citizens and residents for a better life and sustainable development”, the Capital Governorate  has worked intensively on achieving the concept of communication in its general term through transforming, obtaining or exchanging information between the influential parties,  in a manner that targets change  of situations or behaviors. Communication has a prominent and vital role in its different ways in addressing the concerned individuals and groups, and attracting their attention to the community cases and endeavor to suggest ways to tackle them positively in line with the aspirations of the society and its objectives and values.

The Government believes in linking the institution role with the community and the changes arising therein alterations, hence the work dynamics at the Governorate are moving in line with the desires and aspirations of the people. As an evidence, the Capital Governorate has the most important and most influential communication channels, which totally rely on communication with people who seek to submit their inquiries, complaints and suggestions. Accordingly, the Governorate work with the concerned authorities to meet such needs, especially that the total number of these channels is 15 direct and indirect channels. This adds further flexibility on the communication mechanisms between the Governorate, citizens and residents and therefore achieving genuine diversity among the tastes and desires of people.

Within the plan of the Capital Governorate to update and upgrade its communication channels with the people, a website has been recently launched, based om smart phone applications in their brand new form, after providing them with a distinct interactive technical features in the field of digital publishing. This helps the Governorate in strengthening its capabilities in building communication bridges with the people, shortens the distances and speeds up access with the citizens and residents within the Governorate.

The main purpose of the improvements that have been introduced in the website was to create a database for visitors and browsers on all the issues of concerns related to the Capital Governorate. This facilitates access to information, news and various media materials published on its page easily.

This step comes in keeping up with the rapid development witnessed by the world of modern technology. The Capital Governorate has allocated 9 communication channels that include multiple accounts through the social media networks, as well as the new applications via smart devices.

Governor of Capital Governorate

Rashid bin Abdulrahman bin Rashid Al Khalifa