• Capital Governorate wins the Excellence Award for Communication with Customers "Tawasul" for the third year
  • Capital Governorate received 1,376 complaints, requests and suggestion in 2020, 50% were implemented
  • Reducing congestion in the joint workers accommodation buildings by 74%
  • The Security Committee holds 20 meetings and came up with 70 recommendations, of which 97% received a response
  • Capital Governorate organized 17 sterilization campaigns for different areas in the Governorate, with the participation of 50 volunteers
  • Continue the inspection campaigns on restaurants by including safety and health requirements in 36 restaurants in Al-Naim area
  • The completion of the campaign to ensure that the safety and security requirements are met in the gas refilling shops for small stoves
  • The Coordination Council raises 96 recommendations, of which 42% have been implemented, and work is underway on 24%
  • Executing 24 field visits to the various areas and villages of the Governorate
  • Publishing 206 different press materials/ press releases to promote the governorate's roles and objectives
  • Honoring 28 entities and individuals at the Capital Governorate Volunteering Pass award
  • Organizing and supporting 45 events and programs in various fields

    Last update 2023