Capital Governorate is keen to organize programs and events that target the community, as part of its endeavor to involve all individuals in its programs and activities in order to achieve comprehensive development goals, and come within the framework of activating the principle of partnership. From this point of view, the need for the energy of special needs began for people with special needs (people with determination) with the aim of activating their role in their role in society, and provide with the aspiration they need.

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1. “Walking with the blind” program:
Capital Governorate annually sponsors a walk with the blind under the slogan “Society’s support for the blind, duty of all of us”, which is organized by the “Friendship Association for the Blind” on the occasion of the International White Cane awareness Day. The program has a wide range of participation from members of the association, citizens, residents and civil society institutions.

2. Planting program with disabled, “(people with determination”
His Excellency Mr. Hassan Abdullah Al-Madani, Deputy Governor of the Capital Governorate, participated in the “Painting and planting with People of Determination” event, which was held in Salmaniya Park under the “Manama Healthy City Program”, with a wide participation of “ peole with special needs” and members of the Healthy Cities Committee in the Capital Governorate.

3. Bahrain for All” Festival
Under the patronage of the Capital Governorate, “Bahrain for All” festival was organized in Bahrain Bay, with the participation of more than 100 people with special needs, and 50,000 participants from the citizens, residents and representatives of 40 communities, the aim of this festival is to increase the awareness and values of supporting and encouraging people with special needs.