The Capital Coordinating Council

Coordination concept:

Coordination is one of the most important basic elements for the integration of work and to avoid contradictions, inconsistencies and duplication in performance, therefore the Governor is responsible for uniting efforts to achieve some sort of mutual understanding between all the different government ministries and organizations to identify roles and responsibilities to reach the common goal.


Resolution to form the Coordinating Council:

The decree no (7) pertaining the governorate system which was modified by decree no (18) for the year 2005 article (12), issued by HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, to form coordinating councils for  the five governorates with renewable four-year-long-term members, headed by the Governor and the Governor Deputy as well as the General Manager of the Capital Governorate Council and a representative from the Ministry of Interior, and the Governorate Police Chief as well as representatives from services ministries who are at the level of administration head.  

Objectives of the Coordinating Council:

The Coordinating Council endeavors to reach its objectives and develop its performance through increasing awareness on the importance of cooperation and integration among all public and private State institutions, to contribute to the overall development process and preserve the rights of all citizens in light of its duties towards society and achieve the community security we all seek.

The objectives of the Coordinating Council and its functions are determined within the framework of the joint work and coordination among those represented by the Council and the community regarding the preservation of the security of citizens and residents, in terms of health, social, economic, educational and other areas.

Purviews of the Coordinating Council: 

The Governorates’ Law in its Article (13) has determined the purviews of the Coordinating Council in two specific fields:

•Helping the Governor maintain the Governorate security and order (Security purview)

•Identifying the Governorate needs and work on meeting them (Development purview).

Accordingly, the work of the Coordinating Council may not exceed those two purviews.

The mechanism of the Coordinating Council work:

The mechanism of the Coordinating Council work can be identified and clarified in the light of correlation, whether with Ministries and other concerned parties from one side and the relation of these parties with the Coordinating Council from the other side.

The Council's relationship with the Ministries and other concerned parties is reflected through the recommendations or suggestions or otherwise raised by the Council, whether relating to emerging projects adopted by the Council, or to development plans and programmes offered by the Ministry and the concerned party, prior to approval, or projects already initiated and to be followed up, for the Ministries for approval. The Council has the right to study and consider the concerned party’s opinion and notify the same of the Council’s opinion. This relationship can be carried out and conducted through the following steps:

•Study the problems and obstacles faced by the community and require the cooperation of all sectors of society.

•Present issues in accordance with priorities that the Council and its members view proper in each session, then the members are notified prior to the determined meeting in the form of a meeting agenda.

•Issues are discussed and recommendations are made after proper consideration and taking the majority opinion, then such recommendations are submitted to the concerned departments for consideration and taking proper actions.

•Ministries and concerned departments provide their notes on the Coordinating Council’s recommendations regarding the aforementioned issues.

•The Coordinating Council considers the notes provided by the Ministries and other concerned departments, and follow up the latest developments.

•In case no response is received from the Ministries and other concerned departments, then the governorate has the right, within a reasonable period of time, to address the Minister of Interior, and the Minister in his turn may address other concerned Ministries and departments in this regard, or present the content of these reports to the Cabinet. 

Committees originating from the Coordinating Council:

During the meetings of the Capital Governorate Coordinating Council, (8) committees were formed, with a task of following-up the critical issues that require concentrating efforts, coordination and making field visits by the concerned departments of the different service-providers:

•Committee of random houses.

•Committee of peddlers.

•Committee of old public markets.

•Joint Committee of Excellencies the House Representatives and the Capital Secretariates

•Committee of the Traffic needs.

•Committee of reviving the Capital’s old sectors.

•Committee of national celebrations and events.

•Technical committee.

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