As part of joint efforts to develop Bahraini youth to be become the ideal choice for employment, and encouraging them to become entrepreneurs as an alternative choice of employment, Tamkeen signed a memorandum of understanding with the Capital Governorate. The MOU provides for sponsoring a series of events, programs and leading projects that are organized by the Capital dur8ing 2017, including Manama Leading Week and Enabling Youth, in its third version, Elite Program in its third version, in addition to the possibility of voluntary work in its first version.

July 18, 2017
  • kenburns6

On this occasion, HE Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor, confirmed that  the Governorate ensured has reached a sophisticated stage in terms of the size of projects and initiatives that have been executed by it,  especially those with social and development nature. He continued that the Governorate has taken into account  the necessity of involving people in the development fields on one hand, and on the other hand to achieve genuine partnership with government authorities and the civil society to ensure achievement of sustainable development dimensions, while concentrating in  the embodiment of national values, due to its direct and positive effects in the social responsibility march sought by the Capital Governorate, on the basis of its vision “a leading and distinguished Governorate in the service of citizens and residents,  for a better life and a sustainable development”. 

“The Capital Governorate is proud to sign a joint MOU with Tamkeen, which we consider a strategic partner in support of a collection of major and vital leading projects and programs on the level of the Governorate,  targeting  particularly the youth category which include Manama Leading Week and Enabling Youth,  in its third version, Elite Program in its third version, in addition to the possibility of voluntary work in its first version. The Governorate has taken into account, while selecting the said projects and programs, enhancing joint cooperation,   which is in the interest of serving the Bahraini society as a whole, so it will  reflect the joint willingness in the achievement of the objectives of the economic vision 2030 as desired by the wise leadership. This could be attained  through undertaking  quality projects  that promote the skills of Bahraini citizens,  specially in the field of enabling students and university graduates to enter the labour market and provide it with  qualified competencies that are interested in carrying out their own private business within the business sector, which plays a significant role  in meeting  professional diversity and rapid development of labour market and the changing development requirements”. HE the Governor said. 

HE the Governor praised the efforts exerted by Tamkeen in the field of supporting business entrepreneurs through launching a group of training programs and providing consultations.  He emphasized that these efforts play a significant  role in providing those interested with various sciences and knowledge that qualify them to enter the labour market.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Janahi, CEO of Tamkeen, emphasized  the importance of establishing partnerships with several authorities for the sake of developing   Bahraini individuals, and provide them with all necessity tools to promote  their skills in order to become  the best option in the labour market. He praised the efforts of HE Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor,  in  support of Bahraini youth, through valuable programs that are provided which are characterized with important vision and goals. 

 “We in Tamkeen are keen to co-operate  with various sectors to achieve one of our main goals that is represented in the support of leading business entrepreneurs  for all categories. This will contribute in promoting the finding of establishments  and their development through different development stages and hence  developing  the private sector so it would be an essential engine that boosting  national economy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.” Mr. Janahi said.