The "Green Capital" Project aims to produce green-friendly businesses and promote greenery in the country, starting with Manama. The Capital Governorate has 50 public schools and all of them are invited

The project has gained a lot of interest from both the public and the government, given its environmental and societal roles and the positive effects accompanied by it. Among its benefits is helping increase the amount of green foliage in the Capital. Furthermore, it increases awareness of the importance of agriculture and the environment. The aim is to enhane aesthetic of the capital to a high level. The project also utilizes the positive effect of investing in social responsibility, enhances the image of the capital and building trust and loyalty from its people. Through this, the Governorate is able to fulfill its vision in serving its citizens and residents.

Primary objectives of the project

The "Green Capital" Project holds the following charateristics:
  • Taking care of the human factor and its surrounding environment.
  • Wide-spread on a local scale.
  • Gather attention & interest from the private and government entities, civil society institutes & individuals.
  • Acquiring experience in the field of community service.