HE Sheikh Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor, in cooperation with the Capital Secretariat, Capital Police Directorate and the officials of the Governorate with the participation of many people, launched a campaign for removing random posters from walls in both Hoora and Gudaibiya areas, as the first step in preparation for expansion of the campaign to cover more areas within the capital.

May 13, 2017
  • kenburns6

The campaign included removal of pictures, logos and advertisement posted on walls and also the warning and guiding boards and then post an a notice in Arabic, English and Urdu languages explaining that placing a random poster is considered a violation and the violator will be exposed to the punishment prescribed by the law. This campaign comes as a result of the damages caused by random posters in the distortion of the general view, and the abuse of environment as well as the contribution made by the Governorate to reduce the phenomenon of visual pollution. 

HE emphasized that the involvement of individuals and groups in activities of social nature come on the basis of the role undertaken by the Governorate, being the authority responsible for establishing a partnership approach. “The Governorate is keen to spread important messages while organizing activities, targeting in the first place promotion of the level of public awareness on several issues and phenomenon of common interest.

“The Governorate, in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities, have continued to execute leading social initiatives, to ensure people will have access to the development opportunities and to achieve a genuine partnership that  contributes in its permanence. This is in addition to embodiment of citizenship value in the people spirit, for its direct and positive influence on the social responsibility that is desired by the Capital Governorate, on the basis of the Governorate’s vision which states “a leading and distinguished Governorate  serving the citizens and residents for a better life and sustainable development”. HE the Governor said.