The Capital Governorate continued its efforts last year to track the violating laborers and applying the rules and regulations, in addition to taking necessary legal measures in this regard. This was done through coordination and cooperation between the concerned authorities that aim to address such negative phenomena which are connected to the free labor in order to eliminate such practice due to its impact on the public health and the civilized aspects of the country. These workers perform some works and practices that are extraneous to the Bahrain’s community.

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In 2016 the Capital Governorate was able to intensify the number of visits aiming to monitor street vendors.  Last year, the Capital Governorate cooperated and coordinated with the concerned authorities and arrested 146 expat workers who violated the law, in comparison to 98 workers in 2015. Moreover, 249 violating sale spaces were confiscated and removed.  On the light of the foregoing, we can conclude and underline the importance of the joint efforts of the Capital Governorate with the concerned authorities to combat the phenomenon of street vendors.