The fieldwork team concerned with counting random houses has by the end of 2016 accomplished its assignment of rectifying and removing violations from 894 random buildings out of 1030 that have been previously counted at the Governorate, i.e. 86.7[%] of the gross total. The committee has managed to effect changes to such buildings to ensure they have the standards and measures that must be available in any appropriate residence, while work is in progress in 136 random houses.

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In comparison with the number of buildings which the committee has affected the required changes last year and the years earlier, since launching the project in 2013 pursuant to the Order of the Council of Ministers, it is found that the committee was able to rectify 278 random buildings last year, in the time when its number was 214 buildings in 2015. In 2014 the total number of accomplished buildings was 295, while the number of buildings that have witnessed changes in the previous year reached to 107 residences.


The practical steps taken by the Governorate were driven by its desire to protect the lives of the residents of those houses and the visitors of those areas that were targeted through providing them security and safety conditions. This has taken place after the occurrence of several fire incidents in a number of buildings where expat workers used to live. This work explains the substantial roles undertaken by the Capital Governorate and its associates including the ministries concerned with service and security to execute a sustainable project that improves the standard of living of the citizens.