His Excellency Sheikh Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor, inaugurated the 6th Annual Arts Exhibition “the Sea Heritage” hosted by Ras Al Rumman Youth Cultural Center of Al-Najma Club. The event was attended by many artists and it was held in the context of the Kingdom of Bahrain celebrations of the glorious National Day and the King’s accession to the throne . Upon reception, the Governor was welcomed by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Al-Najma Club and Ras Al-Rumman Youth Cultural Center, along with attending number of officials, dignitaries, the Deputy Governor of the capital, and the Chairman of the Council of the Capital's Secretariat as well as the fans of arts.

January 7, 2017
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The Governor went around having a look on the works of art and paintings created and crafted by a number of Bahraini and residents artists as well. The Governor  took this opportunity and had some chats with the artists who on in turn gave illustrations about their works and the means how they came up with their crafting.

The Capital Governor expressed his admiration towards the put on show artistic works that highlighted the sea heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain. H.E brought home emphasis on the fact that the Governorate has been sponsoring this plastic arts exhibition for the sixth consecutive year.  He added by saying that each and every year some wonderful works of art are showcased with novel insight and in such a way that reflects the progress made by plastic arts in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He expressed his thanks to the Chairman and members of the Organizing Committee, represented by Dr. Majid Al Majid, Hussin Milad, Mahdi Al-Jalawi, and Ai Al-Alsubah, for having convened such a distinguished exhibition, along with the participants as well as the attending audience.

On his part, Chairman of the Al Najma Club, Mr. Essa Hasan Al-Qattan, praised the support and patronage rendered by His Excellency Sheikh Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor, of the Visual Arts Exhibition and the attention he upholds the youth with.

Furthermore, the participants expressed their deep thanks and profound appreciation for the support and the patronage given to the exhibition in its sixth year by the Capital Governor. They reiterated their keen inclination towards keeping their participation up and bringing forward more and more creative and novel visual works of arts envisaging the genuine Bahraini character; by dint of the fact that this exhibition vividly reflects a brilliant national and social character and wished all further progress and success.

At the end of the exhibition, H.E. Sheikh Hisham bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, the Capital Governor, was handed a memorial photo souvenir gift picturing the building of Bab Al Bahrain.